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  1. I'm in the process of designing an architecture for delivering content to mobile browsers. <br><br>

    I'm looking for some "lessons learnt" with tools like Volantis, MobileAware, Everypath, iAnyware AvantGo or WallWURFL. <br><br>

    Does anyone have any experience with the above tools for delivering content correctly to the many browser flavours that are installed on the various handsets?

    I can basically see two alternatives: <br>
    1) We can let the J2EE server create XML instead of XHTML where the XML is automatically processed by a tool that detects the cell-phone and delivers the content in a format adjusted to the specific browser used by the user's cell-phone. We have a telco that wants to offer a service like this<br>
    2) We can let the J2EE server create "regular" XHTML and use a tool with a tag-library where the tag-library creates output adjusted to the specific browser used by the user's cell-phone. My impression is that most of the above tools fall into this category.<br>

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    I suppose I would qualify, Ive converted my entire (c)html imode site (which is the most popular chatbox/community site in the dutch imode portal) to work with WURFL/WALL, and in the process created my own cobbled together tool that will facilitate converting code that contains 'raw HTML' to 'WALL XHTML'

    (yeah there are more 'gotchas' in the process than you would expect at first glance, but in the end the result is worth it, IMHO)

    Another 'gotcha' is that my java experience is negligible. I am currently in the process of learning to work with J2ME, but Im really a PHP programmer at heart, and my own site is PHP+MYSQL+Apache.

    Enough about me, to answer your question, it seems to me that your #2 option really is a bit of a roundabout way of handling things, isn't it? The processes of creating XHTML from XML or WALL-XML from XML are probably fairly similar, but to convert XHTML to WALL-XML seems to be a bit extra work where you need to write your custom re-translator-thing-a-ma-bob.

    Furthermore, to convert XHTML to WML with your own libraries is well specifically what wall is designed for. It really is one of the truely HARD things to do here.

    Don't get me wrong there are a ton of 'hard' things to do when trying to provide valid content for devices with specific capabilities, but to 'convert' XHTML to HTML is of course nearly trivial, and to look up what 'object types' a phone supports and serving, or not serving them is 'doable enough', but to rewrite a common source to two quite different web languages.. well, that looks hard to me. :)

    bottomline, so far, is: don't try it yourself unless you are provided to spend quite a few resources on it.
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    Hi, Idel fuschini and are currently working on as head of Soft11 "Wireless competence center" and works in the field of mobile since 1998, and WEB / WAP since 2000. I can feel to be one of the few people who has worked with all the products you mentioned. Start with Volantis, I worked for the project Mobile Corporate Portal Telecom Italia Mobile. The portal platform was based on Vignette and as a product of Volantis Mariner mobile. The concept that the time seemed interesting, was to create a single portal to access multichannel. And then Mariner seemed the ideal tool to achieve this within JSPs had put tags owners (like your WALL) to define the objects and regions of the page. Subsequently, the provision of these regions was achieved through an IDE owner of Volantis, to define the layout for each class of device. To be brief, the experience was positive although in truth it duplicated the code for the various devices, as the management of various layout was not so easy with the IDE of Volantis. In addition to install and optimize the cluster architecture we wanted more than two weeks. After this experience I passed a Mobileaware (first Mariner and now MIS), which compared with Volantis I found it easier and more portable to other platforms. The basic concept is that you write pages xhtml, after which the inside pages get tags that are filtered through a "servlet-filter", and therefore the idea that through a single infrastructure can build pages with tags mobileaware on any web technology (jsp, asp, perl, php etc html. etc.). . It has a module, which only works with BEA, to use as a proxy for mobile no-jsp pages . Still to be short the product is easily installed (usually one hour should be enough), to learn how to program is easy with all possible editors. In theory could also use a site designer. The projects with which I have worked with Mobileaware site Panorama of Mondadori (best mobile site Wind 2005) and FI have never done projects with WALL important, but always mini sites to demonstrate the validity and effectiveness of using mobile sites. But for instance for the project of mobile ATAC has been used as WURFL repositary of the device. I found good, even if it is a project-based. NET had limitations. The only flaw devices were not updated. Conclusion on WURFL / WALL excellent draft script which limit as to be dedicated exclusively to the mobile world. Finally I can feel that Volantis and Mobileaware are products that are suitable for major projects in which the part of security, management sessions, fragmentation of pages, etc. url. Etc. , Are well managed. WALL WURFL and is good for small projects that do not have large claims, and that goes well the product "as is". Certainly that is free WALL than product market, but I also know for the most important and demanding become more costly implementation, maintenance and updating particular device. Among Volantis Mobileaware I prefer and the second because over the years has never increased the tags, and is less pervasive. Sorry for my english Idel P.S. I'm an Mobileaware Partner but I decided to be tested after all products
  4. Volantis is a very good product for telecom mobility domain...

    it gives the developer freedom to handle device specific things in easy manner and remove the task of rendering things on code... but still in growing phase...

    technically: volantis framework consist of MCS, XDIME/JSP and policies. there are required to be configured to deliver the rendering capable WAP Portal. If you are using Storefront, CMS of Volantis then the experience are different.