Procedure of deploying EJB on ATG Dynamo 5.0


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Procedure of deploying EJB on ATG Dynamo 5.0

  1. Procedure of deploying EJB on ATG Dynamo 5.0 (6 messages)

      I have downloaded ATG Dynamo 5.0.I would like to know how to actually go about deploying EJB on ATG Dynamo.
      Though the documentation supplies lots of information on how to create Dynamo Server Pages,how to create one's own componenets,etc.,I haven't yet been able to figure out information specific to EJB.
      Could someone suggest some link or documentation regarding the whole procedure of deploying a Bean on ATG Dynamo 5.0?
      Thanking you,
                       -Yours sincerely,
  2. What are the steps to deploy application onto Dynamo DAS?

    The application must be bundled according to J2EE specifications meaning:
    1: The ejbs has to be packaged in a jar file and include descriptor file (xml format)
    2: The client portion has to be packaged in a jar file, including descriptors that specify what the web-app contains.
    3. The ejbs.jar and the web-app.jar are then packaged within a application.jar file along with descriptor that specifies the modules contained within the application.

    The application.jar file is used with Dynamo's deployment tool "rundarina" to create a Dynamo archive file <yourApp>.dar. Through use of the DCC (Dynamo Control Center), add <yourApp>.dar to the "Application" property within the "atg/dynamo/service/j2ee" component.

    Hope this helps
  3. Hi Karthik,
    I am new to dynamo.I want to deploy <myapp>.dar file in dynamo.I tried but I could not. could you help me step by to deploy .dar in dynamo.My project need urgent this .please help
    Johnson philip
  4. Hi karthik,
    once again johnson.
    I started dcc but Icouldnot find application property.could you reply
  5. Hi there,

    there's an entire section on deploying EJBs under Dynamo 5.x in the ATG programmers' guide, you can't miss it, there about 400 pages worth.

    In short, you have to run it through DARina, a process that creates all the container stub classes for Dynamo etc...

    good luck!
  6. hi,
    which chapter is that dealing .
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