Vendors create ad hoc SOA interop


News: Vendors create ad hoc SOA interop

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    In order to convince those who know all too well that standards "support" does not guarantee product interoperability, a group of 16 vendors led by Infravio Inc. has united to create SOALink.
    Within SOALink, vendors of policy repositories, authoring systems, runtime enforcement systems, runtime monitoring and business process systems will verify that their products are interoperable with those of the other member vendors.
    Iona Technologies, JBoss and webMethods are among the more prominent members of the initial group.
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    This will get REALLY interesting when technologies like AMQ come out, it won't be long now.

    CTO, C24
  3. This is good news. The Drummond Group do something similar for EDI adapters. It just removes a huge hurdle for selecting a product. If an adapter is Drummond Group-certified, you know you're not going to have interop problems with it.

    It will be interesting to see what "interop" means in this case though. SOA is a big field.