Jinfonet and Datasynapse grid-enable JReport


News: Jinfonet and Datasynapse grid-enable JReport

  1. Jinfonet today announced a partnership with DataSynapse that allows JReport to run seamlessly in a grid environment. DataSynapse's FabricServer allows applications to plug in and take advantage of the grid. While in the past applications were tied to dedicated servers for computing power, now the grid allows applications to only use the computing power they need from a pool of resources.

    Because FabricServer runs applications on the grid by connecting them through an application server to the processing power, this poses a distinct advantage for JReport, which is 100% Java-based. App servers work best with Java offerings, so now any Java offering that runs in the grid can simply embed JReport without having to customize their applications or JReport. If they were to select a non-Java reporting offering, there'd have to be a good deal of customization. In short, if a company wants to run an application in a grid environment and needs to upgrade the application to include reporting, there’s a quick and easy answer. As before, JReport can be embedded directly into their application as a WAR or EAR file, and it shouldn't take customization or maintenance.

    With so many grid-enabled (or grid-enabling) solutions coming out, are you planning on evaluating grids as a deployment environment? If you have already evaluated grids, what do you think you will use them for in the future, if anything? Do possibilities such as using a reporting engine (or something else) across the grid interest you?
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    You might also want to look at Windward Reports.

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