Vendor talk: Jamie Bernardin on application virtualization


News: Vendor talk: Jamie Bernardin on application virtualization

  1. In a large enterprise, hundreds of individually managed applications, each with their own dedicated hardware, make it difficult to manage and make use of the environment. According to Jamie Bernardin, CTO and co-founder of DataSynapse, application virtualization decouples the application from the hardware, letting a software infrastructure control the provisioning at runtime, improving operational agility. Application virtualization for container-based applications is made up of four elements: the lifecycle, application deployment, monitoring and notifying systems of new instances (which allows for the adoption of newer technologies as they come out) and support for independent software vendors' customized code. In this presentation, given at TheServerSide Java Symposium in March, Bernardin takes a look at the benefits of application virtualization. Topics include: - What virtualization does - Virtualizing and automating the provisioning of container-based applications - Management and operations of a shared, virtual environment - Application provisioning and managing dynamic clusters Watch Accelerating Application Deployment and Managing SLAs by Virtualizing Container-Based Services.
  2. Good job, Jamie. You've got a compelling vision. The architecture is simpler than it was last time I saw it.