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    Hi Guys, I am not so worried about my web-apps performance at the moment, but i am a crazy guy who wants to tweak it for the ultimate performance for my users. Can I get some feedback on what are some caching techniques that you can use for each of the 3-tiers in a web-applicatin? I have a spring mvc application running. Are there any disdvantages to doing the caching at any particular tier? If you can just hit on the 3-tiers, I'll go do more research with the information I got. Thank you so much! /Sean

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    often overlooked - but one can do a lot right at top of the stack. I've had good results with We reduced the garbage produced by JSP pages significantly by using it. If you've got a semi/fully stateful app - using the session more aggressively can also help quite a lot, but be warned most who go down this route usually make a mess of it and end up with a fast application with random bugs caused poorly implemented session caching/concurrency protection.
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    Check out this also: Cache filter: Cache taglib:
  4. You can try with open source opensymphony for caching for web application it is very simple for implementation but the problem is although they claim it works in clustering environment but still it does not support fully If u are looking to cache in clustering environment then u can try JBOSS cache There are also good some licensed mechanism like Tangasol coherence