DBSight is a J2EE web application that can create a search engine on any databases or applications. With DBSight, you can turn the slow database into a Google-like search engine in 15 minutes. Required knowledge is: simple SQL. Just using web UI, you can configure DBSight to crawl your database, create indexes on file system, search and display search results. And you can control everything, like result ordering, ranking algorithms, display, web services. DBSight is built with Lucene for searching, JDBC for crawling, Quartz for scheduling, and Velocity for rendering and result templates. Here is one demo, 1.7 million CD albums infomation by freedb.org provided data. Here is a step by step tutorial on how the demo search is created. Resources: Site: http://www.dbsight.net Step by step tutorial : http://www.dbsight.net/mediawiki/index.php?title=Step_by_step Demo Search on freedb.org's data: http://search.dbsight.com/