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    Anybody used weblogic connection pooling using oracle thin drivers?
     do I have to use weblogic jDrivers inorder to use connection pooling?. I would appreciate any code snippets on how to use the weblogic connection pooling,


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  2. Hi,

    In my experience I used Oracle JDBC Driver (classes111.zip) a lot with WebLogic. Here the part of the weblogic.properties that declares connection pool:
    Also, look into the WebLogic documentation they have enough information.

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  3. Sorry, one more thing...

    Do not gforget to add path to the Oracle JDBC Driver classes to the weblogic classpath, you can use wlconfig.exe utility to do that.

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  4. I've used classes111.zip and classes12.zip and experienced no problems. It is a configuration exercise and there is already a good post on this.

    We are about to move off the thin drivers as automatic failover in a clustered db environment is non-existent. You may or may not care about this, but worth bearing in mind. That said, swapping the drivers later is easy.

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    I use oracle Type 4 thin JDBC driver. But you'd better create a datasource first and then point to oraclePool.