Articles: TheServerSide's JavaOne Coverage of Day 3 and Day 4


News: Articles: TheServerSide's JavaOne Coverage of Day 3 and Day 4

  1. The final days of JavaOne included sessions on JSR 235 and SDO, XQuery, necessary XML-centric tools for SOA development, Java security, and Ajax. On the floor, however, Ajax as revolutionary or hype was debated.
    Not everyone at JavaOne was wild for Ajax, however. Tim Bray, XML pioneer and director of Web Technologies for Sun, said Ajax might be wielding a double-edge sword. "The clamor around Ajax is about the richer user experience," he said. "That's kind of a two-edged sword. We used to have a richer user experience in the days before the Web with Visual Basic and people stampeded into the arms of a simpler user experience with the Web browser as soon as they got a chance." Bray's concern is that the rich UI could become a techno-bauble heavy UI that might leave end users dazed and confused. "Ajax does give you the power to develop very bad user interfaces," Bray cautioned. On the plus side, he said Ajax can make Web applications run faster for the end user by eliminating the back and forth between the Web browser and the server. "Obviously a user interface that is faster is categorically, unqualifiedly better," Bray said. "If that's the only contribution Ajax makes that would be plenty big enough."
    Developers also pondered over the lack of JBI discussion.
    Last year's JavaOne hosted many sell-out sessions on the Java Business Integration (JBI, JSR 208.) This year Sun is hosting the "Horizons Summit," in parallel to JavaOne. As a consequence I have heard little if no discussion from developers about JBI, SeeBeyond, or the Sun Composite Application Platform Suite (Sun CAPS) at JavaOne. Schwartz told reporters at a press conference that Sun does not expect to market vertical applications built with the Sun CAPS. Schwartz told reporters that Sun is in the business of creating the programming interfaces and underlying platform and it expects developers to build the applications.
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  2. Some of the discussions of JBI and SOA were deflected off to the SeeBeyond Horizons conference which was held around Union Square at the same time as JavaOne.