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News: Oracle announces Oracle 9i Application Server

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    Oracle released a press release entitled: "Oracle Eliminates the Need for Most Middleware Products with Newest Release of Application Server", to announce their new Oracle 9i Application Server that includes a J2EE Server, wireless support, LDAP integration, workflow automation, email collaboration, JSP caching and more.

    Press release:
    REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., Feb. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- ( Oracle Corp. (Nasdaq: ORCL), the largest provider of software for e-business, today announced the availability of the latest release of Oracle9i Application Server (Oracle9iAS), further obviating the need for organizations to purchase and integrate costly middleware. Oracle continues to innovate beyond generic Java application servers, such as BEA's WebLogic, and incorporates into one application server what is typically available in more than 10 separate middleware products from other vendors. Oracle9iAS eliminates the major task of installing and managing various point products, and provides application developers and partners with a complete and simple platform for developing and deploying fast, highly scaleable and reliable e-business applications and Web sites. The latest release of Oracle9iAS features enhancements in business intelligence; directory, enterprise and B2B integration; e-mail collaboration; and wireless technologies.

    In order to provide all the functionality included seamlessly within Oracle's single application server product, Oracle9iAS, organizations would need to integrate individual competitors' products covering all the following categories-a daunting task:

    -- Ad hoc query and analysis -- Apache Web server -- Caching (Web and database) -- Clickstream -- Collaboration -- Directory -- Enterprise reporting -- Integration -- Java server -- Portal -- Wireless

    "With Oracle 9iAS, Oracle appears to be applying the same level of energy to the booming application server market that it used to become a major player in world of databases," said Steve Garone, Program Vice President at IDC. "By adding more and more features to Oracle9iAS, Oracle can now offer a highly integrated solution that potentially saves IT managers from the headaches of struggling to get the low-value baseline infrastructure components to talk to each other. This could allow IT staff to focus on high-value projects that address an organization's bottom line."

    Oracle9iAS Rapidly Gains Marketshare With Customers, Developers and Partners Since its first October release, Oracle9iAS has gained significant traction in the marketplace. In the past five months, Oracle has signed more than 3,000 new customers, including Digital River (Nasdaq: DRIV), Rentals, Inc. and Specialized Bicycles. In addition to citing built-in business intelligence, portals and wireless access as reasons for using Oracle9iAS, customers tout its unique Web cache technology that dramatically increases Web site performance.

    "The caching technology included in Oracle9i Application Server has enabled us to greatly improve Web site performance and scalability -- our client sites immediately began running four times faster and allowing for higher traffic," said Marty Boos, chief architect/vice president of Information Services for Digital River, a Commerce Service Provider (CSP) with thousands of clients including Symantec, Fujitsu, and 3M. "And because we can serve more static and dynamic information in the middle tier, we don't have to purchase millions of dollars worth of new server hardware to achieve the improved performance."

    Developers are also flocking to Oracle9iAS. Downloads of Oracle9iAS from Oracle's developer community Web site increased threefold in December, reaching 370,000 for the month. Overall, Oracle has registered more than a million downloads for its Internet Application Server since it was introduced. Oracle has also garnered widespread partner support, particularly with the application service provider (ASP) and independent software vendor (ISV) communities. Since December, Oracle has trained more than 1,000 partners in 14 cities worldwide, enabling them to take advantage of Oracle9iAS to deploy business-critical applications on the Web.

    New Enhancements in Oracle9iAS
    Building on the momentum of Oracle9iAS, Oracle today introduces the following improvements:

    -- Business Intelligence: Enhanced business intelligence capabilities found in Oracle9iAS Discoverer allow users to create, view and navigate
    pre-defined query reports with any standard Web browser. Oracle9iAS takes advantage of the sophisticated SQL analytic functions in the Oracle® database, replacing the need for IT staff to create and maintain custom data schemas for multidimensional analysis. Oracle plans to soon add its Clickstream Intelligence technology in an update to Oracle9iAS, allowing organizations to analyze Web site performance, visitor traffic, the effectiveness of Web content and customer loyalty.

    -- Enterprise and B2B Integration: Oracle9iAS features new, built-in integration capabilities, including workflow automation and Oracle9iAS Applications InterConnect. Together these new features of the application server enable companies to integrate Web applications within and between enterprises and effectively manage business processes, such as document approvals and supply chain interaction. In addition, Oracle9iAS enables organizations to easily access data regardless of where it resides -- within the enterprise or throughout the extended supply chain. Embedded workflow technology allows modeling, automation and continuous improvement of business processes, while the XML-based application integration capabilities in Oracle9iAS Applications InterConnect feature a graphical design tool that automates the creation of application adapters.

    -- E-Mail Collaboration: Oracle9iAS includes new e-mail collaboration technology that provides e-business applications with critical
    messaging capabilities. As a result, companies can add e-mail functions to their applications and more effectively collaborate with employees, suppliers, partners and even applications such as B2B exchanges.

    -- Directory Integration: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) services allow companies to manage user identities, roles, authorization and authentication credentials for LDAP-enabled applications in a single, centralized repository with standards-based access, eliminating the synchronization and redundancy errors caused by having many separate directories.

    -- Wireless Capabilities: Enhanced wireless capabilities, including personalization, content management and messaging, provide a simple and
    complete platform for developing and deploying wireless Internet content, applications and services, so customers can conduct more business on the go. (See today's related press release.)

    Oracle Raises The Bar for Application Server Functionality
    Oracle solves the IT challenge of integrating fragmented middleware products required to run an e-business by providing one product that replaces more than ten separate point products from other vendors. Most application servers only provide Java, XML and transaction processing. Oracle9iAS meets the needs of today's e-business by also including enterprise portal software, high-speed caching, business intelligence, rapid application development and more in one package. Users of other application servers are required to purchase each of those functionalities separately and then spend more time and money to make them work together.

    "By integrating what BEA and IBM offer as ten separate products from ten separate vendors, Oracle is now doing for enterprises what integrated desktop software suites did for individual employees in the early and mid-1990s," said Rene Bonvanie, Vice President of Oracle9i Marketing. "By continuing to extend the capabilities of the application server beyond Java, Oracle is bringing enterprise productivity to a new level."

    Pricing and Availability
    Oracle9i Application Server costs $5 per Universal Power Unit for the Standard Edition, $30 per Universal Power Unit for the Enterprise Edition and $150 per Universal Power Unit for the Wireless Edition. It is scheduled to be available for purchase by the end of February through the Oracle Store.

    About Oracle
    Oracle Corporation provides the software that powers the Internet. For more information about Oracle, please call 650-506-7000.

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  2. Oracle 9iAS without https on NT[ Go to top ]

    Beware! On NT Oracle iAS does not support https!!

    Buried in an addendum you can read that mod_ssl is not ready for production on NT.

    Another paragraph states that Oracle does not guarantee anything if you use unsupported modules with their Apache.
  3. Oracle 9iAS without https on NT[ Go to top ]

    Where did you find this information ?
  4. Just what the world needs[ Go to top ]

    While the industry is moving towards more open standards and multi-vendor support -- Oracle introduces their monolithic Oracle only J2EE "solution"!

  5. Its not all bad. Having a jvm embedded within the core dbms kernel adds many advantages in some situations.
  6. But 9iAS isn't the JVM in the database. It's a separate set of processes. 9iAS is an amalgamation of many disparate products: iCache, Discovery, JServer, Apache, Portal 2 Go, etc.

    The only real innovations here is the transparent cache to Oracle. JServer is pretty interesting because all of the libraries are complied to native C.

    Their CMP persistence is very basic -- dependent objects are seralized as LONG RAW fields. On the bright side though, SQLJ is a pretty easy way to do BMP.

    Generally I'm interested to test how this thing scales vs. other servers, when using Oracle 8i. Twill be an interesting experiment.