Frank Cohen is an advocate for testing XML-based SOA, ESB, Web services and BI based services. In "Ready to Test SOA, Web Services, ESBs, and BI?", Cohen outlines the steps and considerations necessary for adopting a test methodology that will lead to improved performance and scalability.
All of this requires much more than an ad-hoc approach to reach useful and actionable knowledge. I usually begin a test project with the following question: What do I need to learn from a performance test and how will it benefit my company, business, or institution? This question gets directly to the heart of the reason why we test services built with XML, Web Service, ESB, and BI tools. It may be more difficult to answer than it first appears. In some test projects the answer took longer to find than the time it took to run the actual test. The question challenges us to understand what parts of a service will be optimized to contribute a business benefit for the testing effort.
In this article, Cohen discusses what should be included in a successful test method, and explains what parts of a service should be optimized to contribute to the testing effort. He also describes different test options in detail. What method do you use to test your services? Have you found any of the methods Cohen lists to be beneficial?