WSO2 Tungsten 1.0, app server for Web Services, released


News: WSO2 Tungsten 1.0, app server for Web Services, released

  1. WSO2 Tungsten 1.0 has been released. Tungsten is a web services stack that bundles a number of Apache projects for the primary purpose of consuming and producing web services along with implementing a large number of the available W3C specifications. Its primary aim is to prevent developers from having to download each implementation separately. It includes web servers (Tomcat and Jetty), and a .war version (for deployment in an existing J2EE container installation) is also available (along with instructions for installation.) Tungsten is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. The administration console that Tungsten supplies is impressive. It contains full control over service policies, including allowed users and specification participation as well as the ability to generate service stubs, view specifics about each service, log viewer, quality of service viewers, and many other functions. Tungsten looks like an excellent platform for serving web services. What do you think?

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    I don't see any any documented examples on their site. I think Mule has very good documented examples. Examples get newbies interested in any new open source product.
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    There are some nice examples if you download it. For example you can take any Java bean and expose it as a REST and SOAP service at the same time (just two different URLs). There's also a nice built-in test client. I wrote an article ( based on the alpha release. I'm just updating it for the 1.0, and I'll also post a follow-on.