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    In his blog, Dr. Java gives us 6 tips on how to become a solid developer. He starts the entry with his definition of what it means to be a solid developer.
    A solid developer is a person that takes time to structure his or her objects so they accomplish a specific task.
    In this list of tips we find;
    • Make sure your class represents a single thing
    • Early on think about the interaction between classes and their not implementation
    • Write methods that are focused on a single task
    • Keep your methods no larger than 10 lines of executable code
    • Watch your use of exceptions
    • Don't try to be fancy, get the job done
    The list is followed up with a brief explanation of each point. The first comment made is that Dr. Java has never written a real application because there is no way you can limit methods to 10 lines of executable code. However, the comment does recognize that 2000 lines in a method is a bad idea and goes on to suggest 25 or 50. If you agree that 10 is too few and 2000 is too many, where do you draw the line?

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  2. A missing one[ Go to top ]

    Never trust a doctor!
  3. I seriously agree..[ Go to top ]

    the tips are too simple and useless.
  4. Agree with that[ Go to top ]

    I agree with your comment. Totally useless, this is not supposed to be a beginner's page... We can make a Broker or an Iterator or even a Strategy!!! Don't need a "Doctor" telling me what I've learned in my first year of University.
  5. I don’t really pay attention to number of lines, as long as code is serial with no jumps and nested “ifs”, loops and readable. If the function has to be long, include more comments, but over 300 is too long for me.
  6. My Six tips[ Go to top ]

    Test early and test often (JUnit) Automate build (Ant) Smaller build cycles (scrum) Don't reinvent the wheel (open source tools/libraries) Don't be afraid to refactor (eclipse) Underpromise and overdeliver (CYA)
  7. think your way frequently[ Go to top ]

    whatever programing methodologes you take, think your way frequently everyday. Insist your own style first, and enhance it with other ones good experience if you consider it is right. Till you find your own ways,cycle the progress. If you success,your way will be shared with other ones.