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    Hi all. I'm planning on setting up ssl with a self-signed certificate for my web app. I have been learning/testing it on my dev machine and wanted to ask a question before I make the change on the real server. I'm running the struts app on tomcat 5.0. I will have the security constraint in the web.xml file for the app set to transport-guarantee CONFIDENTIAL for url-pattern /*, this way all the pages of my web app will be forced to be https. I tested this and it seemed like the app was forced to run over https like i wanted and everything seemed to work. I could download a file (stream) off the site over https, I could upload a file to be emailed etc... Everything seemed to work. My question, is are there any things to worry about when doing struts with ssl? I don't need to do the switching between http and https now, so I'm not worried about that part of it. I want it all to be https. Any ideas/comments would be great. Thanks!

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    hello i really feel sorry for not answer your query, if you know the answer for my query please reply me its urgent In my project i am using only jsp and servlet pages. i am using database as MYSQL 4.0 . Tomcat server version is 4.1. and my server machine is linux My problem is if my project is executed in local machine it is loaded and executed fastly.. But if the same page is loaded and executed in another machine connected in LAN loading of page is delayed... Can anybody help me how to overcome this problem... Is there any changes to be done in the server settings.. Or anything else...
  3. Hey prakash. Please don't hijack my thread. Your question has absolutelty nothing to do with this, so start your own thread. Thanks.