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XML & Web services: Document Transfer from Client to Server

  1. Hi Experts I have to write a web-service which can accept a document (it can be any thiny an XLS/.DOC/.JPG) from the client call along with other String inputs from the client. Kindly provide pointers on how I can go ahead designing the same. Thanks and Regards, Gopal.
  2. You would have to use SOAP with Attachments. More info about SOAP Attachments can be found And then check the documentation of Soap API that you use, to see if it supports Attachments.
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    You probably want to use MTOM (SOAP Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism) which allows you to attach arbitrary binary blobs to your message. See MTOM is implemented by many vendors. See e.g. for a Microsoft/Java interoperable implementation. Gerald Beuchelt