GlassFish v1 was released in JavaOne this year. We are starting to plan for v2. Please provide your input by posting comments to this forum. Things you May Have Missed about Project GlassFish • GF is an Open Source, Community Based implementation of Java EE 5. • Java EE 5 is a huge improvement over earlier J2EE versions (J1 Keynotes). • GF is Production Quality and has very Good Performance. • GF is delivered in SJS AS 9.0, Java EE 5 SDK, and NetBeans 5.5. • GF has already affected adoption and is getting analyst attention [1], [2]. • GF is used by other groups like in JEUS 6 Preview from TMaxSoft. • GF has many goodies, including Java DB and Java Blueprints. • GF is committed to your favorite framework. • GF is at the forefront of JPA adoption. • GF Web Services stack is very good and it is getting better and better. • GF's Grizzly delivers top Web Tier performance and flexibility. • GF has Developer Support, Training and more. • GF supports AJAX and Scripting. • GF has platform and tool SOA support, including JBI and BPEL. • GF is used directly for the official Reference Implementation of Java EE 5. • GF is the code base for the Sun Java System Application Server. • GF will incorporate the enterprise features available today in SJS AS 8.x. • Many components are in the Maven Repository; and more soon. • We are already working on the next releases (more). • For the latest GF news and blogs, go to The Aquarium