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    Hi all, We are building a web application based on Visual Age Generator :o( and running on WebLogic. The problem we have is that generated pages are very heavy. Using filter we can zipped HTML responses (110 kb -> 10kb). But HTML forms generate heavy HTTP requests (9 kb), too. Is there an easy way (such as filters) to decrease HTTP request size? Thanks, Francesco
  2. Using a (servlet) filter will not decrease the size of the reqeust as the request has already reached the server by then. The only thing you can do is to perhaps send the form fields over with AJAX, and set the values in custom HTTP headers. That way you might (note the "might") be able to decrease the size of the request somewhat, you can choose to not include empty fields, control whitespace a bit better etc. Other than that there's very little that can be done as far as I know. Cheers, Fredrik...
  3. Instead of compensating the issue, you should have a look why the generated page and the HTTP request back are so heavy. Look at the source of the page and see if the weight is coming : - from unnecessary comments - redundant formatting HTML tags - hidden parameters - ... If for the HTTP request, you have a lot of payload, this might come from hidden parameters of the form. This is not a very elegant way of doing things, for it is relying on the client to propagate information that should stay in the java session. Have a look also at the amount of cookies that the client is sending. This can become pretty heavy. design4speed