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  1. Hai !!

    What is the difference between the application server & web server

    kamal maurya
  2. hi, basically the webserver is mentioned for service through web(over internet). it just picks the particular file for which the request has come and gives to the client/user. it doesnt do any operations. that means franckly seaking it can serve only html files, if u ask for ASP/Servlets/Jsp page then the request will be redirected to the particular engine(incase of ASP-ASPEngine, Servlet-ServletEngine, no idea abt JSP but it should be like this only) then the engine will process the file then it gives a htm output that will be returned to the client thats what abt the webserver. coming to AppServer it will just process only it doesnt relate to the webserver. a request will come to this AppServer then it will process and gives the output, the request can be from a webser or it can be a normal client it doesnt matter to the AppSErver.
    thatsall i know abt web and AppServers. if i'm wrong someone can correct me.
  3. Thank's Anil Kumar T !! to provide me a very good response.

    kamal maurya
  4. Anil, in the context of this forum, your definition is about right. Outside this forum, the definition of an Application Server extends into many areas. In my mind, an App Server is designed to act as a container to applications where it can provide to those applications a number of services, like database connectivity, security, transactional integrity, object-relational mapping, messaging - the things J2EE was designed to afford.

    The idea is that to design a robust application requires many of these services and that having those services managed and provided by the app server simplifies greatly the effort required to implement such applications.

    Now, going back to Anil's definition and confining the definition to the context of servlets and JSP, the web server is primarily concerned with finding and serving HTML, as he says. An application server 'extends' the web server, typically through an interface like ISAPI or NSAPI. You configure the web server to pass control to the application server for any request that begins "/servlet/..." or ends ".jsp". The application server then executes your servlet or jsp accordingly and returns an html response to the web server which, in turn, returns it to the client. Voila, dynamic content.
  5. Thanks for the useful post, that kinda explains in nutshell the differences between an App Server and Web Server.
  6. whats the relationship[ Go to top ]

    Does it mean a webserver is contained withing app server


    app server contained within webserver


  7. Diff Bet App server and Web server[ Go to top ]

    App Server contains Web server...

    We can say App server is super set of Web server

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