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    In his blog, George Malamidis asks the question, has Agile run its course? He starts the blog describing the symptoms displayed by any technology that has been over-hyped, understood and subsequently mis-used. In many cases the industry figures things out or moves on. The bigger question is, will the industry figure it out or will it move on. An even better question is, "do I, as a developer, care?" George opines that the natural evolution of Agile is the adoption of Lean Software Development. Lean is inspired by the success with Just-In-Time production systems. According to the authors of Lean, one needs to eliminate waste, build quality in, defer commitment, deliver fast, respect people and optimize the whole. In response to his question, George offers a simple answer.
    As long as I’m allowed to focus on writing better software, I don’t.
    His conclusion, buzzwords and marketing hype may rule the day but in the long run it is great products and services that sustain a business.
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    Lean software Development may be one kind of agile programming. May be cross-pollination helps both!