BlueOxygen Projects Released: Ramen, Lotion, Papaje and Obat


News: BlueOxygen Projects Released: Ramen, Lotion, Papaje and Obat

  1. BlueOxygen, a community-based development, has released four new projects: Lotion, a Web-based CRM (SFA) that contains opportunity management, customer management and product target; Ramen, a material management point; Obat Help Desk, an Indonesian IT Ministery project, and Papaje, a job marketplace system. All of these projects are powered by Cimande, an integration project of WebWork/Struts Action, Spring, Hibernate and Velocity. Several more ready-to-use projects will be released soon. To learn how to develop Cimande's module, read this PDF presentation.
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    Sorry All, the official website are Thanks Frans
  3. What is BlueOxygen? What is Ramen? What is Lotion? What is Papaje? What is Obat? Please, when announcing new release of a product, spend a few words to say what kind of product it is. For instance: "JMeter 2.2, HTTP load testing tool for Java, released" Nebojsa
  4. Did the original post get edited? It seems to say pretty clearly what these tools are, in the one-liner sense that you describe. James
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    I try to use * for bullet, and the TSS team modify it become ",", sorry for the one-liner.