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    Does anybody know that

    Is there any test for weblogic application server, if so, where I can get the information from?
    Is there any site to get the good sample questions?



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    Hi... BEA has the BEA Certified Professional exam on WLS.

    You can go to www.bea.com to get more information. Currently the exam is based on WLS 5.1 but it is being migrated to WLS 6.0 (I just took the beta exam since I'm a BEA employee).

    BEA doesn't publish any sample questions, but you need to be a WLS whiz to pass the test.

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    I took the WLS 5.1 exam last November and passed it. Basically you need to know the following stuff inside out:

    Life cycles of different types of EJB's
    Methods in the EJBObject and EJBHome interfaces
    Container and bean managed transactions and related interfaces (SessionSynchronization and UserTransaction)
    EJB Method transaction attributes
    Transaction isolation levels
    Session and Entity Context and methods
    System and application exceptions
    Configuring the weblogic.properties file
    Servlet lifecycle
    Connection pooling API

    You have 60 minutes to answer 48 questions. The passing grade is 72%.

    I can only imagine the WLS 6.0 exam is even harder.
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    Thanks, everybody.