WebCharts3D integrated with IBM’s Workplace Dashboard Framework


News: WebCharts3D integrated with IBM’s Workplace Dashboard Framework

  1. GreenPoint, Inc. has announced that GreenPoint's WebCharts3D Enterprise Edition will be used as the charting and graphing engine for IBM Workplace Dashboard Framework. A dashboard, in this context, is basically a portlet that consolidates information and control for something - for example, manufacturing processes or system information. IBM's Workplace Dashboard Framework delivers reusable service-oriented components, robust administration tools, and dashboard-specific features that speed the creation of standards-based, active dashboards. With Workplace Dashboard Framework, companies can dramatically reduce their development costs and speed the time-to-value for their dashboard initiatives. WebCharts3D from GreenPoint enables the creation of professional-quality, server-generated interactive charts that communicate information in a readily understood format. Based on XML standards, the product supports multiple popular formats including animated Flash, SVG, PDF, PNG, JPEG and GIF. With WebCharts3D, users of IBM’s Workplace Dashboard Framework can easily and quickly work with complex charts and graphs of any sort, analyze trends via dynamic visualizations of critical business data, and drill down into the data for more information. Message was edited by: joeo@enigmastation.com
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