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  1. Hello Techies, I have a JSP which is submitting the request using 'onclick' event. It works fine with mozilla but it doble submit the request using Internet Explorer. Means at the server side, for each request it is creating one thread, but it is creating two threads for the same request at a time when I submit using Internet Explorer. can u plz give me the solution Thanks Javed
  2. Had a similar issue myself last week, and it turned out to be quite simple. If the 'onclick' handler is associated with the submit button (Usually to do some pre-submission processing of the form fields) and the handler calls 'form.submit()', this will cause the second submission (In addition to the one automatically generated by the submit button itself). Either drop the 'form.submit()' from the handler, or make the handler return 'false', so that the default behaviour of the button isn't carried out. Hope this makes sense and helps. Bob
  3. Thanks Bob, Ya I didn't observed that. Now it is working after modification. Really I was struggled for 2 days for resolving that Thanks once again Javed
  4. Hi All,

    I am using struts 1.3 tag


    when i click on button submit action twice in internet explorer but working fine in mozilla and safari.



  5. Hi All,

    As full message not appear in forum will posting again here is my code i am using

    <html:link href='${dsysIdentifier}' onclick="'divWait');" paramId="id"  paramName="Idtemp" transaction="true" useLocalEncoding="false"  styleClass="subheading">
    <img src="Submit_btn.gif" border="0" width="102"  height="32"

    submiting the action twice