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    hi hello i am now learing java and j2ee i have a some idea to create a operating system if its any possible to create a opeating system using jave? give me any feesable soultion for my question ?it is logical thingking or it is impossible to tell me b'cos java is a very sequare operating system to create a operating system then it is very sequare one it is possible if is is possible then give me the idea thank's gopi doing by mca (final year student)

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    i think it is possible i have just started to learn and work with java so i can apply some code to my graphic design skills.. but i think it is really possible.. what is so different from the code we experience with window,mac, linux and java? i think nothing except the fact that java has a large wide of thinking code that is precise to the bone that the programmers code in. this is something i would be willing to work with as well.. all i can say is LETS Do it..