HTTP Request Initiated background processing Sending Response


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  1. Hi, I have an http request that is likely to long time. To not to keep the user waiting i want to deligate the requuest to a java thread and send the response back to the user. After completing the background processing i want to send a notofication to the user. But user response has already been committed how can i initiate the responce from the server. I will be having reference to the user session object and i can retain the previous request data if required header information. Will i be able to launch a new browser window at the client to notify the user about the task completion and disply the resulting information. thanks for reading the post. Gautham.
  2. The only thing you can do is to either poll the server every now and then to check if the action is completed, or try to implement some Comet-style AJAX pattern to wait for server events. Cheers, Fredrik