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  1. Parsing of JSP file failed: (2 messages)

    Error Report Parsing of JSP file '/ProfessionalWebApp/ValidateUser1.jsp' failed:
    'com.instanJsp.LoginManager' could not be loaded
    probably occured due to an error in /ProfessionalWebApp/ValidateUser1.jsp line 1:
    Weblogic server error
    Servlet failed with Exception weblogic.servlet.JspException

    In a jsp I have this code class="com.instantJsp.LoginManager" scope="application"> as the first line.
    when I reference this jsp from a html form I get the above mentioned error report. Directory Structure
    And I deployed the application into DefaultWebApp folder of my domain in Weblogic7. Suggest me... Thanking you, Srinivas Katakam
  2. Thirupathi, You may find that including this line at the beginning of your JSP file will help - without it the JSP compiler doesn't officially know that you class exists. Hope this helps, Bob
  3. Either your code or your post has a typo: class="com.instantJsp.LoginManager" scope="application"/> Change it to: You don't need to import the class if you use it's fully-qualified name. Bob