I want to implement an Email Listener, which listens to a mail folder, upon message receipt, it triggers an event, where I can pikcup the message and do the processing. I tried javax.mail.event.MessageCountListener, but it takes around 10 minutes to get the notification from the mail server, from an EJB or a servlet (managed environments). It works fine as a stand alone java application. Problem is only when it is from a server. I am using weblogic 8.1, with EJB 2.0 support. I doubt Weblogic caches(or pools) the Mail Session - I donno how to disable pooling. When I check the messageCount with getMessageCount(), it doesnt give the updated count, it takes some time to get updated (5 mins). Is there a way to configure a Message Driven Bean to the Mail Folder in Weblogic 8.1 ? Or any other efficient way to get the Listener notified instantly ? Thanks in advance