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Performance and scalability: Tree structure(BOM) with multiple users

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    My client is an automotive company. Requirement is:
    We have a BOM(Bill of Material) which consists of components in a hierarchy. I've to display a tree with this hierarchy. But there may be multiple users trying to access this BOM. So, if one user changes it, others should be able to see, once they refresh. The user can modify the attributes of the nodes, drag and drop nodes to change hierarchy. There can be 100's of nodes at one level in the tree and around 3000-4000 nodes in total. In all the operations, it should not take more than 5-10 secs. Performance is important requirement
    One way to do this is keep a cache of the BOM, and make all the clients read from the cache. If someone modifies BOM, it will be written to the cache. Q1> How viable is this solution? Q2> What should I use for front end: JSP with applet (using swing) or a full fledged swing application? Q3> If I go for applet implementation, how different it will be from all-swing-based-client from performance and scalability perspective?
  2. Hi, maybe you should take a look on JBossCache. It is a distributed cache which uses a tree structure. It seems to me that JBossCache would perfectly fit to solve your problem. Bye, Torsten
  3. Check out this article to see how to do this type of work with in memory speed using clustered caching. Peace, Cameron Purdy Tangosol Coherence: Clustered Cache for Java