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    JInspired has today announced the general availability of JXInsight 4.2. JXInsight is an application performance test and management solution for enterprise Java. Some of the enhancements included in this release: Performance Enhancements Core components and extensions have undergone extensive benchmarking and performance tuning. In comparitive tests with similar JEE component profiling products JXInsight has been shown to have up 30 times less overhead while collecting significantly more contextual resource consumption metric information. JXInsight Metrics - JMX Extension Continously sample custom JMX MBean numerical attributes and present them as JXInsight metrics within the management console's Metric analysis mode. JXInsight Trace - Execution and Exception Diagnostics Significant enhancement have been added to the timeline snapshot analysis including the ability to turn on the capturing of contextual trace state information related to trace call arguments, results, exceptions, thread, request context and target object. The state information recorded in a memento object contains a limited object graph of the field state. The information presented is similar to that found in standard Java code debuggers but without the overhead of running the JVM in debug mode. JXInsight Trace - JBoss AOP Extension JXInsight Trace - JSF PhaseListener Extension JXInsight Trace - Borland VisiBroker Extension Enhancements JXInsight Trace - Dynamic Proxy Extension JXInsight JVMInsight - JBoss AOP Extension The extension inspects the JBoss AOP runtime collecting object field state information related to aspects, pointcuts, advices, interceptor stacks, etc. JXInsight JVMInsight - JNDI Extension The extension now includes object field state graph for (leaf) objects bound in the JNDI. JXInsight JVMInsight - JMX Extension The extension inspects the local JMX MBeanServers registered with the MBeanServerFactory collecting metadata and attribute state information for registered MBeans across all domains. JXInsight Console Classloader information is now presented in class and method tooltips. Powerful Trace Stack Visualization Customizable Color Encoding of Traces in Timeline and Profile Analysis views Transaction and Trace Suffix Trees for sub pattern determination Links: What's New in JXInsight 4.2 Evaluation Software Downloads
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    Congrats on the latest release. I'd love to see a demo of the updated product. If you guys do web-casts or web-ex sessions, or if you happen to be in Boston sometime, let me know (you've got my email address). Peace, Cameron Purdy Tangosol Coherence: The Java Data Grid
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    Hi Cameron, You will be pleased to know that we have already started working on a minor update with some features that did not meet our close off deadline including a JMX-to-JXInsight Metric configuration mapping for Coherence as well as a JVMInsight inspection for Coherence via the Coherence CacheFactory. Of course some of the Coherence performance and configuration information presented is accessible today but I hope that our correlation with other performance metrics, (distributed) contextual component traces, and runtime repository inspections (JVMInsight extensions), snapshot management, and award winning UI console, make this an useful offering in terms of runtime diagnostics and general performance monitoring of Coherence Cache enables applications. I think it is extremely important that customers using enterprise grid/cache solutions such as Coherence have a tool that can verify the transactional semantics of business transactions actively use data grids. Comparisons of transaction paths (JXInsight's term for sequenced transaction patterns) with or without data grids/caches would facilitate better test management as well as higlight the performance benefits gained on a per use case level. I would be great if we could show database patterns and cache access patterns side by side.