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    .NET or Java??? The company I work for is starting up discussions to choose a strategic platform to use for enterprise development. In order to get some background industry info, I've created a short survey at http://www.dotnetorjava.com. This survey tries to assess what is widely used today and what the consensus is among IT professionals as to which platform is best suited for enterprise software development. By taking just 5 minutes to fill out the survey, you'll help create worthwhile information that I imagine many people here would be interested in. Also, you'll be eligible to win a free iPod that will be given away at the end of the survey (8/7). To answer the survey, go to http://www.dotnetorjava.com. Thanks for your help and please help spread the word! Gary gmui@muitropolis.com

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    Hi Gary, Would love to know the results so far - can't wait until August for the results. My problem is which platform to use and how to select the right company to create the application? There are so many vendors with different options, it's mind boggling. I am looking at: Backbase, Exadel, LaszloSystems or RubyonRails - how can I select the right platform and supplier to do this application? We are building a travel booking engine and community portal. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. thanks, chris
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    So far, I've only received about 40 respondents, so I can't say there's a lot of breadth in the survey yet. Please help out by forwarding it to more people. To summarize so far, about 80% use Java / J2EE, highest percentage use Oracle, about half have corporate mandates on technology of which 100% are Java, OS is fairly split. In particular, since you are looking for a web portal application: Field Summary for 1(8): In your professional opinion, which technology platform is best suited for enterprise development with respect to the following categories? [Web Portal Development] Answer Count Percentage No answer 0 0.00% 1 - Microsoft .NET 3 7.69% 2 2 5.13% 3 2 5.13% 4 - Equally Suitable 11 28.21% 5 6 15.38% 6 4 10.26% 7 - Java / J2EE 11 28.21% I hope that helps for now. I will compile more coherent results after the survey. But in the meantime, please help keep spreading the word! Thanks, Gary http://www.dotnetorjava.com
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    Hi Gary, What other forums have you posted this survey? thanks chris
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    Chris, you might find this article useful in your evaluation. Although it does not directly compare Backbase with Lazlo Systems and Exadel, it does provide a view as to the top 8 criteria to use in evaluating Ajax frameworks, based on experience of developing production Ajax applications.