Model 1 JSP as fast as RoR/PHP for rapid web development.


Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: Model 1 JSP as fast as RoR/PHP for rapid web development.

  1. I'm tired of seeing J2EE being labeled as a poor choice for rapid web application development as compared to Ruby on Rails or PHP. I wanted to know the answer to the question: Is J2EE really all that un-productive as it is made out to be? So in order to level the playing field between J2EE, PHP and RoR, I decided to try out old school Model 1 JSP development powered with JSTL and EL. I figure things would be faster if I did not have to write a DAO factory, a bean pojo, edit couple of XML config files and then write the JSP!!. It took me 20 mins (including Netbeans hiccups, setting up MySQL) to write a very simple database driven CRUD web app (Mysql + Tomcat) based only on EL and JSTL. No Struts, JSF, Velocity, Stripes, Tapestry, Spring. I can email the code to whoever is interested. It is just 2 JSPs. By no means, is this an endorsement of Model 1 JSP development, but it proves (at least to me) that J2EE itself does not make web app development tedious. IMHO, the Java community's obsession to abstract web app development into a zillion frameworks has made J2EE vulnerable to being labeled as a poor choice for web development. Is it time to revisit "smart" Model 1 JSP development?

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    For craptastic baby sites that have no management or code longevity concerns, it's fine. It's on par with something like RoR. If you add 50 people, some designers on another team who have no idea what a byte is, and 6 managers, it's worthless.