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    Hello, I have created an action class of type MappingDispatchAction. It has 2 methods. methodA() and methodB(). This action class has some properties which are injected using DelegatingActionProxy. Now while doing this you have to declare this action class as a spring bean. Hence you have to declare two action mappings in struts-config as below As you can see above in applicationXML file I have to declare the same action class as a bean twice. i.e as many times as many methods in the MappingDispatcherAction class. I am not getting what might be implications of this situation. I am not able to analyze it properly. If somebody can please share valuable info it would be great. Thnx in advance, Amit
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    you still need to specify paramter="" to use DispatchAction or a subclass. Apart from that, what's the problem ?
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    Hi Stewart, The problem not with struts-config.xml but the applicationcontext.xml. My problem is I have to declare the MyDispatcherAction twice(if you have 2 methods in DispatchActionImplementation). Please see the sample below. My question is around same spring bean twice represented by class="MyDispatcherAction" Please let me know if I am not explaining it properly. I will write again. Thanks for the quick reply. regards, Amit