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    Does anyone know where I can find a free for download SIP application server? Tom
  2. Sure thing. Check out the Ubiquity one. It's available for free on this site: Also on the site: tutorials, technical articles, news, Eclipse dev tools, etc. Enjoy! Emmanuel
  3. I forgot to say. This is a JSR-116 compliant SIP Servlet container too, and it's based on a "version 7" product. Emmanuel
  4. Thanks Emmanuel Proulx for the infor. After checking the website, they required me to wait for in the few days so that they can check the PC ID, license and things. So, in case you downloaded it, could you please send it to me through the email: dkhoa81 at gmail dot com. I really need it in urgent for the project development. Thank you very much in advance Emmanuel Proulx !
  5. There is a Free Open Source, Open Standards compliant server available at It offers strong SIP support in addition to a number of other protocols such as XMPP/Google Talk, SMPP, INAP, Parlay, etc.