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    Hi, I'm a Java developer working on bank applications. I'm using various OSS like Tomcat/Struts/Spring/Hibernate/etc and feel very comfortable with this stack. Now I want to learn EJB 2.x (I know EJB 3.0 is there but the fact is no job requires this skill yet), so I need to pick up a J2EE app. server. As most banks here (Hong Kong) uses WebSphere AS so obvious it is the best choice. However as a home user the best I can get is the WebSphere Community Edition (the standard edition can be downloaded freely but it will expire which will create much much trouble.), which I think the core is very different from the standard edition. (may be wrong here) Now my question is 1. Is there a great difference between the Communtiy / Express / Standard edition if only EJB functionalities are concerned? 2. Is it a great pain to migrate an app. from Community edition to Standard edition? 3. Or do you recommend another J2EE app server? All input are greatly appreciated. Thanks. Michael
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    Hi, I know that your evaluation edition will expire after sometime. I recommend you to you Sun Java Application Server / GlassFish .... These are absolutely free from SUN and you need not worrry about anything else. So You can download it freely from SUN Site.... And you can refer Mastering EJB (by Ed-Roman) for your EJB reference Regards KKSingh