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    Hi, We have IE posting a request to Tomcat 5.5. Upon receipt of the request, our Tomcat deployed application executes a complex logic to generate a response. The execution of the complex logic takes about 1.5 hours. But by the time the response is generated by the server, the browser (IE 6.0) times out. Infact after approx. 45 mins the brower shows a "Page cannot be displayed" and the server continues to work on the request. Would like to increase the timeout period to 1.5 hours so that the browser gets the response before the timeout. I have tried setting the "connectionTimeout" of the "Connector" element in server.xml o zero (unlimited). It did not help. Later understood that it impacts only persistant connections. My session timeouts at 15 minutes. Have seen the same problem being reported in another couple of discussion forums. But no solutions have been reported. TIA, Babu

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    Did you try to explicitly set IE timeout delay : ?
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    Hi, First, apologies for the deplayed response. I tried increasing the values as indicated in the url. But the behaviour remains same. Should we try something else. Regards, Babu