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    We have a requirement to unmarshall very large file in JAVA.The size of the file is up to 10MB.Also the Schema validation against the XSD file Currently,our choice is to use JiBX ( ) primary based on performance consideration.(see a pretty old performance tests at It takes less than 40s to validate a 10mb instead of 20mn with the XMLBeans library. 1-Do you have any suggestion of other JAVA framework which could perform as well as JiBX and which are listed in the "core libraries" submitted to the domain council ? - Thank you Raj Devershetty
  2. Do you want to validate and pass the XML along? In the first case, you can just use a JAXP validator ( javax.xml.validation.*) and it is a part of the standard JDK API, 1.5.0 and above. OR Do you want to validate, unmarshal and use the data that is in the XML doc? I would go for JAXB/jibx/XMLBeans etc. Look at
  3. Currently I'm using XMLBean for validation and unmarshalling. Its very slow for 10mb XML file to unmarshall. Is Jibx does strong schema validation?