Coldbeans Software announced the important milestone in JSOS (servlets office suite) development. JSOS reaches the version 4.95. This largest collection of Java servlets and filters provides 95+ "out of the box" components ready for building web-pages. JSOS includes: - collaboration tools such as Calendar, chats, co-browsing, documents sharing, message boards etc. - data management tools (FileManager etc.) - mail readers - ad management support - generic stuff for XML/XSLT support One of the biggest parts is the rich set of filters. Package includes such components as XML and WML transcoding, access restriction, traffic restriction, caching, profiling etc. All components are configurable, so you may incorporate them into your own design frameset. Components from JSOS do support WAP/WML, so the same set of components can be used for wireless users too. At this moment JSOS provides a largest set of servlets and filters over the Net. Check out more here: