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    Hi All, Greetings. I have a query regarding SOA. I have a business service hosted on a mainframe system and is accessed using SOAP for CICS. This business service consists of 3 services that are implemented in COBOL and the transaction is managed by CICS. Is there a way by which I can include a J2EE service to this Business Service and the transaction will still be managed by CICS. To state in more elaborate terms, let my services are SERVCOB1, SERVCOB2, SERVCOB3 and SERVJ2EE1, I need to invoke these services in the order SERVCOB1, SERVCOB2, SERVJ2EE1 and SERVCOB3. Assume the transaction is managed by CICS. In that case if SERVCOB1, SERVCOB2 and SERVJ2EE1 succeeds and SERVCOB3 fails, the whole transaction should be aborted. Can CICS Transaction manager roll back SERVJ2EE1 as well? Thanks in advance. Jaise George
  2. google is your friend... You might be better off asking at developerworks since CICS is an IBM product
  3. I think CICS will not be able to handle transaction in such case. You need to expose all these four components as services and use WS_Transaction . You can go for nested transaction/compensating mechanism .