Sharing sessions between App Server and Webserver


General J2EE: Sharing sessions between App Server and Webserver

  1. Hi, My application runs across the containers. one in IIS server and another in Websphere. Can a session in Websphere shared with the IIS server? Basically, i need to retrieve values from the Websphere session. Thanks, Sundar
  2. Your question is rather vague. Are you using the iis plugin for websphere? Are you using iis for the web tier and websphere for the ejb tier? Is it all java or do you have a mix of java and asp? Given these are not 'normal' bedfellows, there might not be any builtin mechanism, but that shouldn't stop you using messaging or writing the data to a file/database and reading it back from that
  3. Thanks a lot for responding. Yes, i do have a mix of ASP and java code in my application. Some part of my apps reside in IIS with ASP and other in websphere part. Can the Session variable in Websphere read by ASP code which resides in IIS? Sundar