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    Hello Everyone, I am trying to lay down the architecture for a web b ased application. Its a pretty simple application. It just has to show one page (JSP) for user inputs and on clicking a button on the page, has to generate 2 reports. We are planning to use JFree for the reports. Now my question is, should I keep it simple i.e. use one JSP and one Servlet to do the job OR use Struts or something? How do I basically decide between different approaches, like which one is the best, technically? Maybe timelines will drive this decision, but if that's not a constraint, what would be my choice? Thanks, Nikhil
  2. Struts might be overkill if your app will never get any bigger, so a simple jsp - servlet mvc approach might suffice. Only you know what your future plans are so only you can decide. There are also plenty of other technologies - jsf, spring - that ould also work