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    hi, guys. I made one application that call one COM object from servlet through weblogic JCOM, and my COM object expose one event interface. there are my steps: 1) use com2java to generate the java file from COM dll; 2) implement the event interface in java; 3) invode the java coclass object's addListener method to add the interface to the object. at last, when I running the application, and do somethings to fire the event, weblogic export the error message: and throws one exception that the message is : com.linar.jintegra.RpcFault yes, I dig the error source from google web and groups, and weblogic's newsgroup, but there is no good news, anyone has good idea for this question? thanks.
  2. Hi, even we are facing same kind of problem while trying to access a JMS queue on weblogic using VB macro . here is the log we get at the serverside while we try to get the jvm object using the object moniker generated by weblogic. #### <[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '0' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'> > <4567624] +: com.linar.jintegra.a at Source) at Source) at com.linar.jintegra.Variant.(Unknown Source) at com.linar.jintegra.ObjectProxy.performIDispatchInvoke(Unknown Source) at com.linar.jintegra.bc.e(Unknown Source) at com.linar.jintegra.bc.d(Unknown Source) at com.linar.jintegra.bc.b(Unknown Source) at com.linar.jintegra.bc.a(Unknown Source) at com.linar.jintegra.bp.a(Unknown Source) at com.linar.jintegra.bp.execute(Unknown Source) at at at at at$ at at any idea about this ? regards, Vivek