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General J2EE: Need help -> What persistence solution to use ?

  1. I there, i'm here to get some advises from you guys. I recently developped an application with hibernate and mysql using struts. The thing is that my website was a little project with only one server to handle requests. Actually the website is for an hockey team with an administration page to change news, team members etc... I just realized that i did'nt need Hibernate for my application and it just( in this case ) added more code to write for my application. Now i have to create a new website of the same kind and a have to choose a persistence solution. I don't think i need any ORM framework...i plan to use DAO pattern with JDBC and now i am reading on Spring framework to integrate their JDBC solution for my website. Since my goal is to minimize the persistence code you guys think this is a good approach or you have a better solution to offer? Thank you
  2. "Minimize persistence code by using JDBC" makes no sense at all. Your best bet is Hibernate 3/EJB3 JPA.
  3. With the experience i had with hibernate...writing the pojo class and corresponding xml files leads to more code after all...if you have good helper class for JDBC of course. I know that ORM frameworks are good...but i don't think they are appropriate for small projects like mine.
  4. You don't need XML for Hibernate itself. If you want to use Spring, which you probably should, the amount of XML is negligible. It sounds to me like you are crossing it off of your list based on some bad assumptions. Of course, if you only need a few JDBC calls and your project is miniscule and you have no concern for future maintenance, why not just use JSTL SQL tags?
  5. Try to QLOR[ Go to top ]

    Take a look to QLOR. I used for 6 months. It's very very robust and easy to use. have fun.
  6. that's right, QLOR it's easier to use than HIBERNATE, and very robust and has a simple mapping, i think you should try it for a while, u'll be fascinate
  7. if your project is actually that little, I would do it the "old way": Sping is fine, with JSPs, and old-style JDBC! I know: that's against the main-strean and not so cool like other solutions, but consider this: don't overload a simple project. Leave it simple in case you (or someone else) got to revisit it later: anybody knows JDBC, but not Hibernate, JDO, OJB, iBatis or whatever.
  8. Thank you!