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    In a two-part question-and-answer session, Iona CTO Eric Newcomer gave a glimpse into the Eclipse Foundation SOA Tools Project (STP) as a progress report at EclipseWorld draws near. In part one, Newcomer discusses how the work has been organized and how it is progressing.
    When the 'plumbing' is done, what will you have? Newcomer: We expect to have a comprehensive toolset which includes the ability to design, deploy, assemble and manage services. The way the project is going, we're starting with how you create, assemble and deploy. The next phase after that will be how you design visually the services you want to implement.
    Part two of the interview covers underlying technologies including the SCA standard, JAX-WS runtime, and where Ajax may eventually fit into the project.
    For runtimes, why did you select JAX-WS? Newcomer: Part of it had to do with the fact that we had the code that we could contribute to that from Iona. It matched up well with the initial code contributions from Sybase and IBM. Just as a practical matter to give the first test to the integration of the subprojects we were able to supply the JAX-WS code for that. It may have been just a matter of practicality being able to work with the code we have available within the project, but I think it's also correct that JAX-WS is becoming widely adopted in the Java community as an SOA runtime. There's really the two goals. Take something we could have as a practical measure to check the concepts and check the integration of the various subprojects. At the same time provide a proof of concept using a widely-adopted SOA runtime.
    What do you think of the project's progress so far?
  2. It's still early days for the STP community, but I believe the framework is in place for what will emerge as the ideal environment within which to foster a community dedicated to the production of tooling capabilities purposed toward the development and delivery of SOA solutions. BTW: I also found a great Eclipse resource called the Eclipse Magazine: on the web. The inaugural issue (and three subsequent isssues) are available for FREE download:,id,5,nodeid,4.html