JFacets version 1.2 released


News: JFacets version 1.2 released

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    Version 1.2 of JFacets, a lightweight framework for profile-based application development, has been released. With this release, JFacets is declared stable and ready for production. Included in the list of new features are:
    • Auto-discovered Groovy Facets: Support for Groovy-based facets, in addition to the original Java/XML ones. The framework can automatically discover facets at startup, eliminating the need for external configuration.
    • JSP Tag Library: A taglib is now available, for use of facets in JSPs ( retrieves a facet as a page variable and retrieves and executes a facet and makes the result available as a page variable.
    • Long-term User Session Management:A configurable (and optional) long-term user user session management system (based on request cookies) now enables auto-loading of profiles for incoming requests. You can open user sessions and get access to the current profile as a request attribute from anywhere in the application.
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    Hi there, For those interested, some online demos are avilable : 1/ WebFacets demo : profile-driven UI rendering (associated docs) 2/ ReflectionFacets demo : automatic rendering of Java Objects using reflection (associated docs) WebFacets has already been used in several in-prod mall/mid-sized intranets. Hence the "production ready" statement in the original post... ReflectionFacets is a prototype and an associated developement methodology I'm currently working on, so see it as a "playground" for ideas. Enjoy, and don't hesitate to post your comments. Remi PS : demos are hosted on an old PIII in my office, so it might be a bit slow...