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    XOM (XML Object Model) is an open source API for processing XML with Java using a streaming tree model. Although it is open source, XOM was implemented using the cathedral model of development (one designer's vision) rather than the bazaar model. This JavaPolis talk by Elliotte Rusty Harold (login required) explores the design goals, basic API principles, XML principles, Java restrictions and requirements, and testing techniques and tools that have contributed to XOM's development. In this talk, Harold identifies some general principles of API design for all Java libraries and systems. What are your experiences with XOM as an XML API?

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    Very nice simple API. I just downloaded the jar, opened the javadoc documentation and wrote a simple test to generate an xml document in 10 minutes. The API is so intuitive that I didnt even need to look at any tutorials or example code. Worth a try. All the relevant classes are in the same package, nu.xom. This makes using javadocs a breeze. I really liked the XOMTestCase which has its own sets of asserts. Great work Elliot!!
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    I concur, it's great and yet simple to start using. I was at Javapolis last year, hearing for the first time about it. Now I use it for every XML related task.
  4. Easy to use, good performance working with the document (XPath, adding/deleting nodes etc.). Very nice!