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General J2EE: how to make setup file of a project

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    hi to all, i want to know few things from you all, am doin one project its almost going to complete, know i want to know is that is it possible to make it as installation files, am using eclips,tomcat5.x and sql server can u tel me wht standard followed in industies whn they given product to client, is they giving instaling files like other software comes , actualy am wokin on project ERP so know am thinkin how to deliver product to client, please help thanks to all
  2. Use this Free Trial Software to make setup[ Go to top ]

    Hi, 1.Click this below link. 2.Download evaluation version of "Install 4j" 3.In that u make a setup for u r project. any queries regarding thismail me at svijaymurugan at yahoo dot co dot in no issues. bye Thank's & Regards Vijay.S