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News: Article: Bonita v2 series, part 3

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    This third article in a trilogy on Bonita v2 steps back and deals with the application layer, demonstrating how to couple a workflow engine (Bonita) and a portal (eXo Java Content Repository). Revenant shows how workflow processes can be deployed, managed and monitored through JSR 168 portlets, along with how Bonita can validate documents contained in eXo. Be sure to check out part 1 and part 2 in this series. What do you think of Bonita v2?

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  2. Great article Brice! You are not only one of the best developer I worked with, you also are a great writer! Thanks to that integration of Bonita, eXo ECM is the most advanced Open Source Enterprise Content Management available out there. And much more is to come and it is going to be VERY hot :)
  3. Also FYI, since the article was writen, Brice team added the ability, as each process files (like XPDL ones, forms ones or properties ones) were stored in eXo JCR, to edit those files from the ECM portlets and to reload the business process to take the modification into account. More info on that here:
  4. Great job ! Just to draw your attention that the "Printer friendly" link is still pointing to the part 2 article. No sweat for those persistent. Just copy the shortcut and change the 2 for a 3. Joao Brägger
  5. Congratulations Brice! A lot of useful information about both Bonita Workflow and eXo Platform, great job. Gennady Azarenkov eXo Platform Ukraine Managing director, EXO-JCR Project leader
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    Thanks a lot for your comments, guys ! It is a pleasure to work with eXo. This Portal is currently gaining momentum and this is for me a conclusive evidence of its great features. The final release of eXo-Bonita 1.0 has been released since the article was written. It is downloadable from : I hope you'll enjoy it. Best regards, -Brice.
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    Kudos to the whole exo-bonita team. I was working through the article, and have so far come across these (possible) problems: 1. My 'jonas start' gives these messages for a number of beans: "2006-10-06 17:52:36,080 : JFactory.checkJonasVersion : BnInitiatorMapper(Ver. 4.7.4) bean not deployed with the same JOnAS version(4.7.6). You have to redeploy /C:/JONAS_4_7_6/apps/autoload/exoplatform.ear/bonita.jar. 2006-10-06 17:52:36,290 : JContainer.addBean : BnInitiatorMapper is loaded and using rdb.hsql 2006-10-06 17:52:36,290 : JContainer.addBean : BnInitiatorMapper available 2. I downloaded the final but don't know what Bonita version to substitute as advised on page 17: "The "bonita" artifact specified in the dependencies section allows reusing the Bonita API. Please note that the version "1.7-2006_05_23" corresponds to a release candidate. It is recommended to switch to a stable artifact when the final release is available." Thanks for any guidance ... Lester Albury.
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    Hi Lester, First of all, thanks for trying out eXo-Bonita! 1. The message you are seeing is not severe in your case. It appears when the used JOnAS version (here 4.7.6) differs from the one used when compiling eXo-Bonita binaries (currently 4.7.4). In that situation, JOnAS tries to rebuild the EJB stubs using a command called "genic" to ensure that stubs are version-compatible. The problem is that there is a bug in JOnAS due to a too long command line to invoke it on Windows (see To workaround it, copy "tools.jar" from your JDK distribution to "%JONAS_ROOT%\lib\ext" and invoke the command "%JONAS_ROOT%\bin\nt\genic -invokecmd %JONAS_ROOT%\apps\autoload\exoplatform.ear\bonita.jar". The next time your restart JOnAS, you won't see the error messages anymore. The other option is to use JOnAS 4.7.4 instead. The scope of bug fixes between 4.7.4 and 4.7.6 is very focused and there is no impact on eXo-Bonita. 2. You should try using "2.0" in the element of your Maven2 project descriptor : 2.0 Also, use the following URL at the end of pom.xml : <!-- Remote repository where Bonita artifacts are located --> objectweb-snapshot Note that "maven2-snapshot" has been replaced by "maven2". That way, the corresponding latest artifacts should be downloaded from that site by Maven 2. Tell me if that works. Best regards, -Brice Revenant.
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    Please I want to know how to interact with a workflow deployed in Bonita workflow engine from my client application.