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    I have Tomcat on a NT2000 Server, working along side IIS. They are both working, doing there own thing. The problem is that either that IIS is not recognizing that Tomcat is there OR Tomcat is recognizing .jsp files.

    In order for me to view my .jsp file I have to type, http://domainname:8080 (8080 being Tomcat's port) in order to view the .jsp.

    Any ideas on what I have to do so all i have to type is http://domainname?

    Also, if I have a index.html on IIS and a index.jsp on Tomcat, is there a way to choose a default?

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    Hi Todd,

    Since u r already running IIS, u can not start tomcat on port 80, unless u shut that down, or change its port to something else.

    Tomcat do have a plugin that u can install in IIS, which will redirect the servlet & jsp requests to tomcat. For details please visit

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    Just what I was looking for.