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    Hi Floyd,
    I know you have a lot on your plate what with the email integration et al ... but here's a suggestion which you may want to queue up ... ;-))

    Currently the 'My Threads' option gives a user to way to follow the topics that he/she has posted to. However, there are many threads that a user may be interested in following (even though they have nothing to contribute at that time.) I was wondering how difficult it would be to have an option (say a check-box per topic?) to add the current thread to 'My Threads.'

    A user can thus collect interesting articles/threads for future reference.
    What do you think?

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    On this same topic, I would like to suggest an option to dismiss a thread that a user has contributted but is no longer interested. Again, a checkbox with a "dismiss" option?

    Christian Rauh
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     I think your suggestions hold great value. In effect, you are proposing a "favourite threads" option, where a user can choose which threads to track. This would not be a difficult feature to implement, and we will definitly add it to our list. :)