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    TransferCM is a web content management system developed to be both design- and user-friendly. Features include an inline WYSIWYG editor, site map, automated navigations, file management and multi-site support. It's been recently open-sourced, "because we owe something back to the open source community." I don't think it quite has the architecture or feature set to make it ready for the enterprise, but it's got a few features I figured the ServerSide community might be interested in. It's written in Java with Struts and has a number of hooks to support customization. It's compatible with PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQL Server. Effort was spent most on easing the deployment process of individual sites, disrupting a design's creative integrity as little as possible and streamlining the web master's editing experience. More information, downloads and a live demo are available through Dan Hensgen Methodhead Software LLC Message was edited by:

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    Can anyone compare ThansferCM with OpenCMS,Magnolia and Mambo? --Mark